Application of schema matching methods to semantic web service discovery

Karagöz, Funda
The Web turns out to be a collection of services that interoperate through the Internet. As the number of services increase, it is getting more and more diffucult for users to find, filter and integrate these services depending on their requirements. Automatic techniques are being developed to fulfill these tasks. The first step toward automatic composition is the discovery of services needed. UDDI which is one of the accepted web standards, provides a registry of web services. However representation capabilities of UDDI are insufficient to search for services on the basis of what they provide. Semantic web initiatives like OWL and OWL-S are promising for locating exact services based on their capabilities. In this thesis, a new semantic service discovery mechanism is implemented based on OWL-S service profiles. The service profiles of an advertisement and a request are matched based on OWL ontologies describing them. In contrast to previous work on the subject, the ontologies of the advertisement and the request are not assumed to be same. In case they are different, schema matching algorithms are applied. Schema matching algorithms find the mappings between the given schema models. A hybrid combination of semantic, syntactic and structural schema matching algorithms are applied to match ontologies
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F. Karagöz, “Application of schema matching methods to semantic web service discovery,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.