Implementation of a DF algorithm on an FPGA platform

İpek, Abdullah Volkan
In this thesis work, the implementations of the monopulse amplitude comparison and phase comparison DF algorithms are performed on an FPGA platform. After the mathematical formulation of the algorithms using maximum-likelihood approach is done, software simulations are carried out to validate and find the DF accuracies of the algorithms under various conditions. Then the algorithms are implemented on an FPGA platform by utilizing platform specific software tools. Block diagrams of the hardware implementations are given and explained in detail. Then simulations of hardware implementation of both algorithms are performed. Using the results of the simulations, DF accuracies under certain conditions are evaluated and compared to software simulations results.
Citation Formats
A. V. İpek, “Implementation of a DF algorithm on an FPGA platform,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.