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Direction of arrival estimation by array interpolation in randomly distributed sensor arrays

Akyıldız, Işın
In this thesis, DOA estimation using array interpolation in randomly distributed sensor arrays is considered. Array interpolation is a technique in which a virtual array is obtained from the real array and the outputs of the virtual array, computed from the real array using a linear transformation, is used for direction of arrival estimation. The idea of array interpolation techniques is to make simplified and computationally less demanding high resolution direction finding methods applicable to the general class of non-structured arrays.In this study,we apply an interpolation technique for arbitrary array geometries in an attempt to extend root-MUSIC algorithm to arbitrary array geometries.Another issue of array interpolation related to direction finding is spatial smoothing in the presence of multipath sources.It is shown that due to the Vandermonde structure of virtual array manifold vector obtained from the proposed interpolation method, it is possible to use spatial smoothing algorithms for the case of multipath sources.