Design and construction of a six degree of freedom platform

Gürbüz, Sarper
In this thesis a six degree of freedom (DOF) parallel manipulator is designed, developed and simulated virtually. The platform, which is specified and focused on in this thesis, is the specific solution for the generating the required data to simulate a land, airborne or sea vehicle’s motion trajectory in the laboratory environment. After explaining the need for such platforms for the military industry, the existing devices will be presented and discussed. Then the design period will be explained while pointing out the key performance criteria. The gathered performance values of the first design iteration will be presented and the modifications done in order to get to the expected performance will be given. Finally an investigation, in order to find the maximum payload that the platform can handle, is performed and presented. It is too hard to get to the desired performance values in mechanical design and manufacturing without using the CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) programs. In this thesis ProEngineer Wildfire® is used for solid modeling the components, the sub-assemblies and the final assembly, ANSYS Workbench® is used for investigating the modal behavior of the components, ADAMS® 2003 is used for the dynamic simulation of the mechanism, ADAMS/Flex®, ADAMS/AutoFlex® and ADAMS/Durability® are used to analyze the results when flexibility is embedded into the system. At the end of the thesis in Appendix section five technical drawings with the nominal dimensions are given in order to clarify the construction period. By the regulations that must be obeyed in ASELSAN only the nominal dimensions are given in the technical drawings. All the dimensional and geometrical tolerances are given in the approved technical drawings that are proprietary of ASELSAN.
Citation Formats
S. Gürbüz, “Design and construction of a six degree of freedom platform,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.