Women trafficking in Turkey: international cooperation and intervention

Arslan, Selin
This study has focused on analyzing the women trafficking in Turkey and the international cooperation and interventions which Turkey has done in years between 2004 and 2006. While mentioning efforts on combating human trafficking and international cooperation and interventions, the support of International Organization for Migration (IOM), the leading intergovernmental organization working against trafficking, which Turkey became member in 2004, should be mentioned as well. This study is trying to show the efforts of Turkey in the situation of combating with an organized crime, a gross human rights violation-especially after becoming member of the International Organization for Migration. Before discussing the situation and efforts in Turkey on counter trafficking the realization of women’s rights the emergence of the women’s discourse within the international arena and the international debate on trafficking especially after the Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) have been introduced and discussed in detail. Such a beginning facilitated conceptualization of (1) the evolution of the emergence of conscious on trafficking crime in the international arena (2) the sprout of the idea and perception of “combating trafficking crime” in Turkish society and (3) the transformation of the Turkish context related to trafficking issues in the light of discussions emerged by the support of IOM Turkey.


Curbing sex trafficking in Turkey: The policy-practice divide
Coşkun, Emel (2015-09-21)
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İlhan, Tülay (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2008-12)
Çalışma, yerel sosyo-kültürel bağlamın Türkiye’de faaliyette bulunan uluslararası ortak girisimlerin (UOG) örgüt kültürleri üzerindeki esbiçimlilik etkilerini incelemeyi amaçlamaktadır. Burada UOG’lerin örgüt kültürleri ve yerel sosyo-kültürel bağlam hem uygulama hem de değer düzeyinde, varolan literatürden hareketle geliştirilen, ortaklaşa davranısçılık, güç mesafesi, belirsizlikten kaçınma, performansa ilişkin yönelim, zamana ilişkin yönelim ve paternalizm kültürel boyutlarında ele alınmaktadır. UOG’lerin...
Layers of liminality: a grounded theory study of refugee women in Ankara, Turkey
Schroeter, Lara; Zırh, Besim Can; Department of Middle East Studies (2019)
The focus of this study was on how women cope with living in forced displacement in Ankara, Turkey. Using a grounded theory methodology, and focusing on women's lived experience, allowed for an emphasis on the agency of these women, while also identifying their vulnerabilities. Eleven women with various ethnic backgrounds from Iraq and Syria participated in this study. An important finding in this study was that these women all shared the common experience of living in layers of liminality. They had separat...
Women's Empowerment in Turkey and Beyond
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat (Routledge, London/New York , 2020-01-01)
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Criminalisation and prostitution of migrant women in Turkey: A case study of Ugandan women
Coşkun, Emel (2018-05-01)
© 2018 Elsevier LtdBased on an empirical research, this paper explores Ugandan migrant women's experiences as cheap undocumented migrant workers in gendered segments of the labour market and in prostitution in Turkey. They often face labour exploitation, discrimination as well as sexual harassment. When these difficulties are combined with the pressure from home and paying off debt, some Ugandan women are even pushed to sell sex. This paper argues that migrant women's involvement mechanisms in prostitution ...
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S. Arslan, “Women trafficking in Turkey: international cooperation and intervention,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.