Curbing sex trafficking in Turkey: The policy-practice divide

Coşkun, Emel
© Scalabrini Migration Center.Based on field research, this study examines to what extent Turkey's current policy on sex trafficking adheres to the UN Protocol in practice and discusses how prostitution and migration regimes inform and affect the policies and practices against sex trafficking in Turkey. For this study, data were collected using semi-structured interviews with 23 key informants, each representing different perspectives on sex trafficking in Turkey. The study found that the prostitution and migration regimes of Turkey render migrant women susceptible to gender violence, and weaken the identification and protection systems that may result in the "re-victimization" of "victims" of sex trafficking.
Asian and Pacific Migration Journal


Women trafficking in Turkey: international cooperation and intervention
Arslan, Selin; Özcan, Yusuf Ziya; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2006)
This study has focused on analyzing the women trafficking in Turkey and the international cooperation and interventions which Turkey has done in years between 2004 and 2006. While mentioning efforts on combating human trafficking and international cooperation and interventions, the support of International Organization for Migration (IOM), the leading intergovernmental organization working against trafficking, which Turkey became member in 2004, should be mentioned as well. This study is trying to show the ...
Criminalisation and prostitution of migrant women in Turkey: A case study of Ugandan women
Coşkun, Emel (2018-05-01)
© 2018 Elsevier LtdBased on an empirical research, this paper explores Ugandan migrant women's experiences as cheap undocumented migrant workers in gendered segments of the labour market and in prostitution in Turkey. They often face labour exploitation, discrimination as well as sexual harassment. When these difficulties are combined with the pressure from home and paying off debt, some Ugandan women are even pushed to sell sex. This paper argues that migrant women's involvement mechanisms in prostitution ...
Reasons and consequences of international labor migration of women intoTurkey: Ankara case
Atatimur, Neslihan; Pınarcıoğlu, Mehmet Melih; Department of City and Regional Planning (2008)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the reasons and consequences of international labor migration of women workers into Turkey. With the process of new global restructuring, transformations in production structure and labor organization, and rise of informal economy widen the gap between different geographies and generate a tied demand and supply relation between female labor and service sector. Today millions of women who suffer from poverty leave their countries in order to sell their labor in another cou...
The Effects of Reproductive Right Policies on Women’s Experience of Egg and Embryo Freezing Process in Turkey
ARSLAN , COŞKU DENİZ; Aybars, Ayşe İdil; Department of Social Policy (2022-2-07)
Studies and analyses of reproduction policies are wrought with ambiguities in Turkey due to continuous changes within the legal framework. The aim of the study the effects of reproductive rights policies on women’s experience of egg and embryo freezing process in Turkey. In order to answer the research problem of the study, qualitative research is used as a tool. Semi- structured in depth interviews were conducted with 18 women who either freeze their eggs or freeze their embryos, regardless of women’s reas...
The effect of gender of HIV-related stigma and discrimination : cases from Turkey
Aşar Brown, Serap; Ertürk, Yakın; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2007)
This study explores the effect of gender on HIV-related stigma and discrimination with selected cases from Turkey and examines ‘normalized sexuality’ (i.e., conformity to sexual norms in Turkish society) as a moderating factor. In this regard, both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques have been utilized, namely; (i) in-depth interviews with HIV positive women and men with different sexual lives, and (ii) a survey conducted at the University of Istanbul among dentistry students. The main q...
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