Automatic eye tracking and intermediate view reconstruction for 3D imaging systems

Bediz, Yusuf
In recent years, the utilization of 3D display systems became popular in many application areas. One of the most important issues in the utilization of these systems is to render the correct view to the observer based on his/her position. In this thesis, we propose and implement a single user view rendering system for autostereoscopic/stereoscopic displays. The system can easily be installed on a standard PC together with an autostereoscopic display or stereoscopic glasses (shutter, polarized, pulfrich, and anaglyph) with appropriate video card. Proposed system composes of three main blocks: view point detection, view point tracking and intermediate view reconstruction. Haar object detection method, which is based on boosted cascade of simple feature classifiers, is utilized as the view point detection method. After detection, feature points are found on the detected region and accordingly they are fed to the feature tracker. View point of the observer is calculated by using the tracked position of the observer on the image. Correct stereoscopic view is, then, rendered on the display. A 3D warping-based method is utilized in the system as the intermediate view reconstruction method. System is implemented on a computer with Pentium IV 3.0 GHz processor using E-D 3D shutter glasses and Creative NX Webcam.
Citation Formats
Y. Bediz, “Automatic eye tracking and intermediate view reconstruction for 3D imaging systems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.