Texture mapping by multi-image blending for 3D face models

Bayar, Hakan
Computer interfaces has changed to 3D graphics environments due to its high number of applications ranging from scientific importance to entertainment. To enhance the realism of the 3D models, an established rendering technique, texture mapping, is used. In computer vision, a way to generate this texture is to combine extracted parts of multiple images of real objects and it is the topic studied in this thesis. While the 3D face model is obtained by using 3D scanner, the texture to cover the model is constructed from multiple images. After marking control points on images and also on 3D face model, a texture image to cover the 3D face model is generated. Moreover, effects of the some features of OpenGL, a graphical library, on 3D texture covered face model are studied.
Citation Formats
H. Bayar, “Texture mapping by multi-image blending for 3D face models,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.