Data acquisition and processing interface development for 3D laser rangefinder

Çevikbaş, Orçun
In this study, it is aimed to improve the previously developed data acquisition program which was run under DOS and 2D surface reconstruction program under Windows. A new system is set up and both data acquisition and processing software are developed to collect and process data within just one application, running under Windows. The main goal of the thesis is to acquire and process the range data taken from the laser rangefinder in order to construct the 3D image map of simple objects in different positions for indoor environments. The data acquisition program collects data in helical way. To do this, appropriate parameters for the data acquisition interface are determined. In the data processing step, it is aimed to use basic triangulation algorithms and threshold conditions to calculate resolutions, detect noisy points and segment objects from the environment for line fitting. The developed and implemented data acquisition and processing interfaces in the thesis are capable of creating 3D image map and obtaining the view of scanned environment in a short time with high accuracy.
Citation Formats
O. Çevikbaş, “Data acquisition and processing interface development for 3D laser rangefinder,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.