Studies on selective adsorption of aqueous glucose or fructose on various cationic forms of Zeolite Y

Yeşiltepe, Suat Bora
The equilibria of adsorption on calcium and hydrogen forms of zeolite Y by equimolar solutions of 12.5 %, 20%, 25%, 30% and 35% w/v of mixtures of glucose, G and fructose, F; also the non-equimolar mixtures of 20% w/v glucose - 30% w/v fructose, 30% w/v glucose - 20% w/v fructose, 25% w/v glucose 35% w/v fructose, and 35% w/v glucose-25% w/v fructose solutions, which were prepared 24 hours in advance at the experimental temperature, have been studied batch wise at 50ºC. Glucose adsorption, in solutions that had adsorption differences, was fast on both zeolites, on the contrary of slow adsorption of fructose with the stable dynamics. Both adsorptions had small amounts of adsorption changes after minute 30. The treatments made under the same conditions with the same mixtures showed Ca-Y zeolite had better separation capacity compared to H-Y zeolite. Some trials were repeated with CaCl2 added to the solutions. The slowed down affection of fructose adsorption in spite of the small change of glucose adsorption led to better separation. Samples were analyzed by classical methods, not HPLC. All the data were considered with various models and their convergence numbers were tested for their closeness to reality. The models were analyzed by response surface methodology and some of those models had correlation factors as high as 88% at the equilibrium points at 30th minutes. Besides, time dependent models have been considering the lag times with a time dependent variable included all the data of all treated solutions with correlation as high as 79.5%.


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S. B. Yeşiltepe, “Studies on selective adsorption of aqueous glucose or fructose on various cationic forms of Zeolite Y,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.