Tool support for distributed agile software development

Usta, Ahsen Serkan
Agile Software Development has gained popularity with their people centric view and their common practices for developing software in today’s volatile business world where change on requirements is unavoidable. However; the efficiency of the project depends on the communication and the collaboration of the team, which are supported by the co-location of the team. But in some cases colocation of the team cannot be realized, thus agile processes should also support distributed teams. This point was observed by Kircher, Jain, Corsaro, and Levine [31] and they suggested Distributed eXtreme Programming (DXP) after they prepared a study using offthe- shelf software products in order to replace the effect of face-toface communication on the efficiency of the application of agile processes with the aid gathered from tool support. In this study some available tool support for distributed agile software development is investigated and a tool is developed and presented in order to support software configuration management as well as increasing collaboration and communication of the team. The tool is then evaluated from a user’s perspective and it is compared with some available software configuration management tools.
Citation Formats
A. S. Usta, “Tool support for distributed agile software development,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.