Review of natural gas discovery and production from conventional resources in Turkey

Keskin, Hakan
Oil and natural gas are the most strategic raw materials to meet the expanding energy requirement in today’s world. They have great impact on issues such as economy, national security, development, competition, and political consistency. Being a developing country, Turkey’s natural gas requirement is increasing rapidly. However, the production is far from covering the demand. Recent assumptions point out that natural gas demand of Turkey will reach 44 billion cubic meters in 2010 with a financial burden of 10 billion $ to the national economy. Therefore Turkey requires meeting natural gas demand by using its own conventional natural gas resources. The geological researches and global data encourage Turkey to drill more exploration wells in offshore side of Western Black Sea .In early 2007, the production will be started in Western Black Sea Region with 1.42 million cubic meter gas per day. Moreover, further exploration and production activities in the region are still continuing in order to increase the production. In this thesis, issues such as importance of the natural gas for Turkey and the world, Turkey’s present energy situation and natural gas supply and demand scenarios for Turkey have been investigated. The possible impact of natural gas exploration and production in Black Sea region on Turkey’s economy in near future has been emphasized. An extensive literature survey using related printed and unprinted media has been performed in order to collect the necessary data and information.


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H. Keskin, “Review of natural gas discovery and production from conventional resources in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.