Effect of some rock mass properties on blasting induced ground vibration wave characteristics at Orhaneli surface coal mine

Uyar Aldaş, G. Gülsev
Ground vibration is the natural result of rock blasting process. In the literature, improved and empirically verified treatment of blasting induced ground vibration-structure interaction effects on both the strong motions transmitted to the structures and the structure response to these motions have been studied extensively. However, although many empirical formulas and methodologies, including analysis of travel path effects and characterization of local site effect have been developed, studying of blasting induced ground vibration wave propagation properties has been limited to few approaches. The scaled distance, which is the most popular one for the calculation of the attenuation of particle velocity in the ground, has led to significant advances in prediction of particle velocity when both the explosive charge and distance vary. However, this approach does not consider the effect of change of type of ground anisotropy and existence of structural geological features like bedding planes and faults on ground vibration. Therefore, in this study, effects of above-mentioned rock mass properties on types, amplitudes and frequencies of blasting induced ground vibration waves were examined at four open pit mines. The studies carried out at Kangal Coal Mine, Baştaş and Kıbrıs Quarries provided guidance for the study at Orhaneli Surface Coal Mine in which vibration wave propagation properties were determined in detail. IllFindings of the study show that, measured vibration amplitudes change depending on the ground on which seismographs were deployed and conditions whether measurements were conducted on or near any structural geological features. Also the change of vibration amplitude, at equal distances in different directions from the source, with propagation velocity anisotropy was determined. Besides the changes of wave type due to kind of ground on the measurement location, vibration anomalies in the form of abnormal increase/decrease or preservation of amplitudes were detected as a result of presence of faults, bedding planes and interfaces.
Citation Formats
G. G. Uyar Aldaş, “Effect of some rock mass properties on blasting induced ground vibration wave characteristics at Orhaneli surface coal mine,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2002.