Between Pan-Arabism and regionalism : mapping nationalist discourses during Hafez Al Assad era in Syria

Kara, Melike
The main purpose of this thesis is to explore the oscillation between different identities and nationalist discourses during Hafez Al Assad era in Syria. Syrian Arab Republic has been facing with an identity crisis ever since its independence due to several dynamics. Throughout the decades, there emerged several different self-images of Syrians. The major clash subsists between loyalty to Arabness and Syrianness. In order to find out the perceptions of politically relevant elites concerning this clash and the roots of identity crisis, a fieldwork was conducted during the spring 2006 in Damascus. An exploration of the nationalist ideologies Arab nationalism, Greater Syrian nationalism, Pan-Islamic nationalism and liberal nationalism during the Hafez Al Assad’s era in Syria gives us the clues of the identity crisis. Moreover, the insights of Syrian politically relevant intellectuals exemplify and explain the current debate on the identity crisis in Syria.


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M. Kara, “Between Pan-Arabism and regionalism : mapping nationalist discourses during Hafez Al Assad era in Syria,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.