Value assessment for defining the conservation principles for Kayseri Sümerbank Bez Fabrikası

Eldek, Hikmet
Conservation of industrial heritage is a very popular issue in last years. But this conservation studies are not adequate so a lot of industrial complexes which effected architectural features of industrial buildings, style of producing, production and economic history and social life of citizens, are face to face with being demolished. These complexes should be preserved and inherited to the next generations. One of these complexes is Kayseri Sumerbank Bez Fabrikası which was established in Early Republican Period in 1934 by Sumerbank in Kayseri. Turkish Government who made merit of development and progress in the first years of republic made a number of investments following variant policies. It was considered that economic independence, social development and modernization could be made by those investments. Industry was one of the major investments. It was aimed to make economy independent by industrialization. Locations for production and materials were decided through a certain plan. The first and the most important of the industrial investments was Sümerbank Bez v Fabrikası established by Sümerbank in Kayseri. It was not only for economic progress but also for social development. It was built in 1935 by Russian architects in a modernist approach in reinforced concrete system for the first time in Kayseri. Factory was not just a production place. It consisted of a lot of social and service buildings and areas. Kayseri as a city of a longstanding history shaped its future with Sümerbank Bez Fabrikası. Sümerbank is the basis of the city’s industry as it is called an industry center today. Sümerbank Bez Fabrikası was effective in the development of Kayseri and Turkey with its qualified workers, modernization and progress it brought to city. The main aim of this work is to determine the value of Kayseri Sümerbank Bez Fabrikası penetrated Turkish Republic’s and Kayseri’s social and economic development, to state decisions for conservation of those values and to provide reintegration to the city.
Citation Formats
H. Eldek, “Value assessment for defining the conservation principles for Kayseri Sümerbank Bez Fabrikası,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.