Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) data generation for solid freeform fabrication

Yarkınoğlu, Onur
Rapid prototyping (RP) is a set of fabrication technologies that are used to produce accurate parts directly from computer aided drawing (CAD) data. These technologies are unique in a way that they use an additive fabrication approach in which a three dimensional (3D) object is directly produced. In this thesis study, a RP application with a modular architecture is designed and implemented to satisfy the possible requirements of future rapid prototyping studies. After a functional classification, the developed RP software is divided into View, RP and Slice Modules. In the RP module, the process parameter selection and optimal build orientation determination steps are carried out. In the Slice Module, slicing and tool path generation steps are performed. View Module is used to visualize the inputs and outputs of the RP software. To provide 3D visualization support for View Module, a fully independent, open for development, high level 3D modeling environment and graphics library called Graphics Framework is developed. The resulting RP application is benchmarked with the RP software packages in the market according to their memory usage and process time. As a result of this benchmark, it is observed that the developed RP software has presented an equivalent performance with the other commercial RP applications and has proved its success.
Citation Formats
O. Yarkınoğlu, “Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) data generation for solid freeform fabrication,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.