Modeling and simulation of a maneuvering ship

Pakkan, Sinan
This thesis documents the studies conducted in deriving a mathematical model representing the dynamics of a maneuvering ship to be implemented as part of an interactive real-time simulation system, as well as the details and results of the implementation process itself. Different effects on the dynamics of ship motions are discussed separately, meaning that the effects are considered to be applied to the system one at a time and they are included in the model simply by the principle of superposition. The model is intended to include the hydrodynamic interactions between the ship hull and the ocean via added mass (added inertia), damping and restoring force concepts. In addition to these effects, which are derived considering no incident waves are present on the ocean, the environmental disturbances, such as wind, wave and ocean current are also taken into account for proposing a mathematical model governing the dynamics of the ship. Since the ultimate product of this thesis work is a running computer code that can be integrated into an available simulation software, the algorithm development and code implementation processes are also covered. Improvements made on the implementation to achieve “better” real-time performance are evaluated comparatively in reference to original runs conducted before the application of improvement under consideration. A new method to the computation of the wave model that allows faster calculation in real-time is presented. A modular programming approach is followed in the overall algorithm development process in order to make the integration of new program components into the software, such as a new hull or propulsion model or a different integrator type possible, easily and quickly.
Citation Formats
S. Pakkan, “Modeling and simulation of a maneuvering ship,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.