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A proposal for the structure of production drawings of “design / build” construction projects in computer environment

Çal, Nazlı Naz
Documentation is an important aspect in the construction industry since there are many types and number of documents that have to be controlled for the success of a given project. In design/build projects, site technical groups of the contractor upgrade the tender drawings by preparing shop drawings to be sent to the consultant for checking purpose. Especially in large projects a great many shop drawings are produced, causing a need of a system to keep track of and to understand the status of the drawings. These all can be achieved with a proper documentation system to be used within the company. The main aim of this study was to make a proposal for the structure of production drawings of “design/build” construction projects in computer environment to maintain control of the drawings in the construction sites while documenting them for project completion. This system should base on CADD Standards. In this, first, the architectural production drawings were identified. These were then arranged according to the model file-naming convention of the selected CADD Standard. Following, the main folders of the proposed documentation structure were created and, finally, the working principles of the structure were introduced. The system was applied to a real construction project for a period of two weeks and tested by usability evaluation. The results of the usability evaluations revealed that the system provides advantages in terms of the control of shop drawings and documentation for project completion. Conversely, the system did not maintain ease of communication.