Users attitudes towards products: effects of ownership and software existance

Işık, Erol
Technological developments cause products to include more software which become a part of products and a determiner of product characteristics. Today’s way of life surrounded by technological developments caused users to engage in inevitable interaction with products. By means of that interaction, users’ way of meeting their needs and attitudes towards products shaped in both functional and emotional dimensions. Although users’ attitudes seem to be governing this process, the nature and the characteristics of the products affected the manner of this interaction. Consequently, the existence of the software as a product characteristic would affect the users’ attitude towards products. This thesis focuses on the effects of the software existence on users’ attitudes. The empirical study conducted in the thesis explored the effects of different levels of software existence in products. This empirical study analyzes three product groups and the results of that analysis indicated that the existence of software affects users’ perceptions about products in a way that it causes the bond between the user and the owned product to get weaker in hedonic aspects.
Citation Formats
E. Işık, “Users attitudes towards products: effects of ownership and software existance,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.