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GIS based assessment of excavation difficulty by TBM-EPB along Mecidiye - Tandoğan segment of the Tandoğan - Keçiören metro tunnel

Özbaş, Bengi
Tunnel structures are important investments especially for urban areas. Keçiören - Tandoğan metro alignment is one of those investments executed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. The purpose of this research is to evaluate Tunnel Boring Machine (Earth Pressure Balance type) (TBM-EPB) performance within different lithological units encountered along Tandoğan -Mecidiye segment of the Keçiören - Tandoğan metro tunnel. The evaluation is based on the data obtained from traditional site investigation methods, statistical approaches and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Complex geological and hydrogeological conditions are found to be effective in the advancement of a TBM implemented in tunnel boring works. A good understanding of the geology is essential in such cases. Available field (in-situ) and laboratory tests have been used in order to determine geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical properties of the metro tunnel alignment. Advancements in the tunnel boring process also proved that hydrogeological conditions are effective on the performance of TBM so related data are considered carefully while preparing cross-section layers and calculating weights in order to display the distribution of excavation difficulty classes through the tunnel alignment.