QCD sum rules for the anticharmed pentaqark

Saraç, Yasemin
For the anti-charmed pentaquark state with and without strangeness a QCD sum rule analysis, which is one of the nonperturbative approaches, is presented. For this purpose we employ pentaquark currents with and without strangeness, with two different current for each case. To refine the sum rules we also consider the DN continuum contribution in our analysis since this procedure is important to identify the signal of the pentaquark state. While the sum rules for most of the currents are either non-convergent or dominated by the DN continuum, the one for the non-strange pentaquark current composed of two diquarks and an antiquark, is convergent and has a structure consistent with a positive parity pentaquark state after subtracting out the DN continuum contribution. Arguments are presented on the similarity between the result of the present analysis and that based on the constituent quark models, which predict more stable pentaquark states when the antiquark is heavy.
Citation Formats
Y. Saraç, “QCD sum rules for the anticharmed pentaqark,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.