Ontology based semantic retrieval of video contents using metadata

Akpınar, Samet
The aim of this thesis is the development of an infrastructure which is used for semantic retrieval of multimedia contents. Motivated by the needs of semantic search and retrieval of multimedia contents, operating directly on the MPEG-7 based annotations can be thought as a reasonable way for meeting these needs as MPEG-7 is a common standard providing a wide multimedia content description schema. However, it is clear that the MPEG-7 formalism is deficient about the semantics and reasoning support. From this perspective, additionally, we need to represent MPEG-7 descriptions in a new formalism in order to fill the gap about semantics and reasoning. Then, the semantic web and multimedia technologies intercept at this point of multimedia semantics. In this thesis, OWL Web Ontology Language, which is based on description logic has been utilized to model a connection between the ontology semantics and video metadata. Modeling the domain of the videos using ontologies and the MPEG-7 descriptions, and reasoning on the videos by the help of the logical formalism of these ontologies are the main objectives of the thesis.
Citation Formats
S. Akpınar, “Ontology based semantic retrieval of video contents using metadata,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.