Human-like robot head design

Ölçücüoğlu, Orhan
In the thesis study, it is intended to design and manufacture an anthropomorphic robot head that can resemble human head/neck and eye movements. The designed robot head consists of a 4-DOF neck and a 4-DOF head. The head is composed of 3-DOF eyes and 1-DOF jaw. This work focuses on the head/neck and eyes therefore; the other free to move parts such as eyebrows, eyelids, ears etc. are not implemented. The general kinematic human modeling technique can be applied to facilitate the humanoid robotics design process since human anatomy can be represented as a sequence of rigid bodies connected by joints. In this study, we refer to the anthropometric data in determining the dimensions of all parts in order to have a robot head as human-like as possible. In addition, motion types, motion ranges and their velocities are considered. These factors are of great importance in imitating the human head movements as close as possible. It is intended that the developed humanoid robot head will be used as a research platform in studying fields such as; social interaction between human and robots, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. It will also be an experimental setup to conduct experiments for studying active vision systems.
Citation Formats
O. Ölçücüoğlu, “Human-like robot head design,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.