Evaluation of a computerized language learning architecture at university level: a case study

Yazıcı, Ceylan
The aim of this study was to evaluate the perceived benefits of an English language learning architecture of a preparatory language school of a private university from the current students’, previous students’, teachers’ and administrators’ point of view. The study investigated the reactions towards the two parts of the learning architecture designed to teach English through a blended learning system, focusing on the system’s benefits for the students’ language skills as well as transferable skills such as computer literacy, working collaboratively, and taking responsibility for their own learning. In this case study both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered from four parties: questionnaires from current students, instructors, administrators and faculty students, classroom and language laboratory observation forms, interviews with the current students as well as with faculty students who passed the preparatory school’s proficiency exam and were in their freshmen year, studying in their departments. The qualitative data were analyzed using a coding system and quantitative data were analyzed using SPSS and Excel. In general it can be said that there was a positive reaction towards the use of computers in the preparatory program for providing an effective platform for teaching and learning English as well as transferable skills such as computer literacy, taking responsibility for one’s own learning and working collaboratively. The materials were found useful and there was a request for similar materials in the other levels of the program. Nevertheless, it was found that students did not really enjoy doing the materials and needed more incentives to complete them. From the instructors’ and administrators’ point of view issues of time needed to get familiar with and integrate the materials into the daily teaching, ways of integrating the materials as well as learner and teacher training emerged as a result of the study.