Performance of bilinear time-frequency transforms in isar

Loğoğlu, Berker
In this thesis a stepped-frequency Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) is employed to develop two-dimensional range-Doppler images of a small ghter aircraft which exhibits three dimensional rotational rotation. The simulation is designed such that the target can exhibit yaw, pitch and roll motions at the same time. First, radar returns from prominent scatterers of various parts of the target are processed and displayed using conventional Fourier transform. The e ects of di erent complex motion types and scenarios are observed and discussed. Then, several linear and bi-linear time-frequency distributions including shorttime Fourier transform, Wigner-Ville, pseudo Wigner-Ville, smoothed pseudo Wigner-Ville, Choi-Williams, Born-Jordan and Zhao-Atlas-Marks distributions are applied to the same target and scenarios. The performance of the transforms is compared for each scenario. The reasons for success of the distributions are discussed thoroughly.


Cascade modeling of nonlinear systems
Şenalp, Erdem Türker; Tulunay, Ersin; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
Modeling of nonlinear systems based on special Hammerstein forms has been considered. In Hammerstein system modeling a static nonlinearity is connected to a dynamic linearity in cascade form. Fundamental contributions of this work are: 1) Introduction of Bezier curve nonlinearity representations; 2) Introduction of B-Spline curve nonlinearity representations instead of polynomials in cascade modeling. As a result, local control in nonlinear system modeling is achieved. Thus, unexpected variations of the out...
Dense depth map estimation for object segmentation in multi-view video
Çığla, Cevahir; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
In this thesis, novel approaches for dense depth field estimation and object segmentation from mono, stereo and multiple views are presented. In the first stage, a novel graph-theoretic color segmentation algorithm is proposed, in which the popular Normalized Cuts 59H[6] segmentation algorithm is improved with some modifications on its graph structure. Segmentation is obtained by the recursive partitioning of the weighted graph. The simulation results for the comparison of the proposed segmentation scheme w...
Shadow detection and compensation in aerial images with an application to building height estimation
Şeref, Ahmet; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
This thesis is devoted to the shadow detection and compensation in aerial images with application of the detection results to building height detection. Shadows could be defined as the parts of the scene that is not directly illuminated by a light source due to obstructing object or objects. Usually the shadows in images or video are undesirable, since they could cause degradation of the expected results during processing of the image or video for object detection, segmentation, scene surveillance or simila...
Implementation and performance evaluation of a three antenna direction finding system
Arslan, Ömer Çağrı; Tuncer, Temel Engin; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
State of the art direction finding (DF) systems usually have several antennas in order to increase accuracy and robustness to certain factors. In this thesis, a three antenna DF system is built and evaluated. While more antennas give better DF performance, a three antenna system is useful for system simplicity and many of the problems in DF systems can be observed and evaluated easily. This system can be used for both azimuth and elevation direction of arrival (DOA) estimation. The system is composed of thr...
Estimation of deterministic and stochastic imu error parameters
Ünsal, Derya; Demirbaş, Kerim; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
Inertial Measurement Units, the main component of a navigation system, are used in several systems today. IMU’s main components, gyroscopes and accelerometers, can be produced at a lower cost and higher quantity. Together with the decrease in the production cost of sensors it is observed that the performances of these sensors are getting worse. In order to improve the performance of an IMU, the error compensation algorithms came into question and several algorithms have been designed. Inertial sensors conta...
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B. Loğoğlu, “Performance of bilinear time-frequency transforms in isar,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.