Design, analysis, and implementation of circular disk - annular ring (cdar) antenna

Kırık, Mustafa Sancay
In satellite applications, a circularly polarized satellite antenna is desirable with a pattern that results in constant received power while the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is changing. The Circular Disk - Annular Ring (CDAR) antenna satisfies these requirements along with other requirements for the satellite antenna. The CDAR antenna is a combination of a Circular Disk and an Annular Ring patch antennas. In this thesis, a circularly polarized CDAR antenna that is fed from a single point is designed at the center frequency of 8.2 GHz. This antenna is investigated and optimized to ease the fabrication process. The design parameters are defined on this report and optimized by using an Electromagnetic Simulation software program. In order to verify the theoretical results, Circular Disk - Annular Ring Antenna is produced as a prototype. Measurements of antenna parameters, electromagnetic field and circuit properties are interpreted to show compliance with theoretical and simulation results. The values of deviation between theoretical and experimental results are also discussed.
Citation Formats
M. S. Kırık, “Design, analysis, and implementation of circular disk - annular ring (cdar) antenna,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.