Visual detection and tracking of moving objects

Ergezer, Hamza
In this study, primary steps of a visual surveillance system are presented: moving object detection and tracking of these moving objects. Background subtraction has been performed to detect the moving objects in the video, which has been taken from a static camera. Four methods, frame differencing, running (moving) average, eigenbackground subtraction and mixture of Gaussians, have been used in the background subtraction process. After background subtraction, using some additional operations, such as morphological operations and connected component analysis, the objects to be tracked have been acquired. While tracking the moving objects, active contour models (snakes) has been used as one of the approaches. In addition to this method; Kalman tracker and mean-shift tracker are other approaches which have been utilized. A new approach has been proposed for the problem of tracking multiple targets. We have implemented this method for single and multiple camera configurations. Multiple cameras have been used to augment the measurements. Homography matrix has been calculated to find the correspondence between cameras. Then, measurements and tracks have been associated by the new tracking method.
Citation Formats
H. Ergezer, “Visual detection and tracking of moving objects,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.