An integrated decision-support system for industrial accidents

Girgin, Serkan
Availability of data on accidents and chemical inventories, together with assessment and analysis tools is a prerequisite for integrated control of industrial accidents. Although Turkey has a developing industry, legislative measures for control of industrial accidents are lacking, past accidents are not systematically enlisted and industrial facilities and hazardous substances thereof are not properly registered. While some accident data is available in international databases, they are incomplete and erroneous. In the present study, a decision support system has been developed for collection and analysis of past accident information, assessment of current accident potentials of industrial establishments and modeling of probable accidents to reveal risks possessed thereby. The system supports web based multilingual and multi-user environment,and aims contribution of all interested parties in a collaborative manner. Information on technological accidents can be systematically archived together with reference data and visual materials. Initial data covering a time period of 30 years has been provided. The system is capable of storing hazard classifications and physico-chemical properties of substances, and providing standardized data for calculations. It can determine major-accident potential of industrial facilities as dictated by the 96/82/EC Directive of the EU and update relevant information automatically as required. An easy to use accident model for rapid assessment of off-site consequences of industrial accidents is also featured. Developed system allows integrated management of data on industrial accidents and provides decision support tools for assessing current and future accident potential,which can be used for national as well as the EU needs.
Citation Formats
S. Girgin, “An integrated decision-support system for industrial accidents,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2008.