Optical properties of some quaternary thallium chalcogenides

Gökşen, Kadir
Optical properties of Tl4In3GaSe8, Tl4InGa3Se8, Tl4In3GaS8, Tl2InGaS4 and Tl4InGa3S8 chain and layered crystals were studied by means of photoluminescence (PL) and transmission-reflection experiments. Several emission bands were observed in the PL spectra within the 475-800 nm wavelength region. The results of the temperature- and excitation intensity-dependent PL measurements in 15-300 K and 0.13×10-3-110.34 W cm-2 ranges, respectively, suggested that the observed bands were originated from the recombination of electrons with the holes by realization of donor-acceptor or free-to-bound type transitions. Transmission-reflection measurements in the wavelength range of 400-1100 nm revealed the values of indirect and direct band gap energies of the crystals studied. By the temperature-dependent transmission measurements in 10-300 K range, the rates of change of the indirect band gap of the samples with temperature were found to be negative. The oscillator and dispersion energies, and zero-frequency refractive indices were determined by the analysis of the refractive index dispersion data using the WempleDiDomenico single-effective-oscillator model. Furthermore, the structural parameters of all crystals were defined by the analysis of X-ray powder diffraction data. The determination of the compositional parameters of the studied crystals was done by energy dispersive spectral analysis experiments.
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K. Gökşen, “Optical properties of some quaternary thallium chalcogenides,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2008.