Synthesis of 2-aminopyrrole-3-carboxylates via zinc perchlorate mediated annulation of alpha-cyano-gamma-ketoesters with amines

Akca, Nazmiye Bihter
2-Aminopyrrole-3-carboxylate derivatives are important starting materials for biologically active compounds like pyrrolotriazole, pyrrolotriazine so their synthese has great importance in the synthetic organic chemistry. There are only two methods for the synthesis of 2-aminopyrrole-3-carboxylates in the literature. Therefore, there is a great need for the design and development of a new method for the synthesis of 2-aminopyrrole-3-carboxylates. In this work, 2-aminopyrrole-3-carboxylate derivatives were synthesized starting from cyano acetic acid ethyl ester with a new method. In the first step, cyanoacetic acid ethyl ester was alkylated with bromo acetone in the presence of NaH. Then, obtained gamma-ketoester was reacted with primary amines in the presence of catalytic amount of zincpechlorate (Zn(ClO4)2). As a result, 2-aminopyrrole-3-carboxylate derivatives were obtained. Cyanoacetic acid ethyl ester was also alkylated with various bromo acetophenone derivatives in the presence of DBU (1,8-Diazabicycloundec-7-ene). As a result of these reactions, different gamma-ketoesters were obtained. The reaction of these gamma-ketoesters with primary amines in the presence of catalytic amount of Zn(ClO4)2 concluded with 2-aminopyrrole-3-carboxylate derivatives.


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N. B. Akca, “Synthesis of 2-aminopyrrole-3-carboxylates via zinc perchlorate mediated annulation of alpha-cyano-gamma-ketoesters with amines,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.