Synthesis of chiral aziridinyl phosphonates, their biological activities and organocatalytic effect of their phosphonic acid derivatives

Beksultanova, Nurzhan
Aziridines are important three-membered heterocyclic ring systems in synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry. They can be used as the building blocks for the synthesis of amino acids, amino alcohols, pyrrolidines, pyrroles, lactams, and oxazoles. Aziridinyl phosphonates are attracting more attention in recent years. They are the precursors of α-amino phosphonates that find applications such as enzyme inhibitors and antibacterial agents. One of the methods for the synthesis of these compounds is the Gabriel–Cromwell reaction. In this thesis, it was planned to synthesize new chiral aziridinyl phosphonates using Gabriel-Cromwell reaction and evaluate their biological activities. In addition, it was also planned to convert them into their phosphonic acid derivatives to test their effect on enantioselectivity as organocatalyst for the synthesis of some organic compounds.