Financial market integration in the EU and probable effects on Turkish stock market

Buzlupınar, Elif
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the probable effects of integration with European stock markets on stock market in Turkey as an acceding country. The required changes in Turkey’s legal framework and economic effects on Turkish stock market have been examined by reference to the current legal framework of the EU and the measures that can be defined as reform within the dynamic integration process of the EU. It is determined that adopting the legal framework of the EU will have numerous effects on all the parties involved in the stock market, namely; stock exchange, financial intermediaries, firms and investors, leading to a pro-competitive environment, the end result of which is likely to be an increase in the share of the stock market in the national economy and a positive growth effect for the economy as a whole.


Potential effects of EU membership on Turkish foreign direct investment inflows: implications of experiences of Ireland, Spain and Poland
Ersoy, Mahmut Burak; Ege, Aylin; Department of European Studies (2006)
This thesis aims to analyse the implications of European Union (EU) membership on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows to Turkey by applying a comparative methodology. The effects of EU accession on FDI inflows to three present member states, Ireland, Spain and Poland, is investigated in order to draw conclusions for Turkish case. The attractiveness of each country in terms of locational determinants of FDI are evaluated. Application of our findings in Ireland, Spain and Poland on Turkish case signifies ...
European identity and the European Union : the prospects and limits
Kap, Derya; Yurdusev, Ahmet Nuri; Department of International Relations (2006)
The objective of this thesis is to analyze the concept of ‘European identity’ within the context of the European Union (EU) in terms of constructivist approach. This thesis is based on the idea that European integration project needs a shared identity; it is essential means for the success and continuity of an ‘ever closer Union’. In this context, the aim of the thesis is to find out the answers to the questions of whether the EU has a European identity; whether a post-national European identity is viable a...
Electric energy policy models in the European Union : can there be a model for Turkey?
Kurbanoğlu, Özgür; Ercan, Hakan; Department of European Studies (2004)
The thesis discusses Turkish energy sector by using examples, projections made by the European Union, and positions of the experts and scholars. The work discusses the process of reformation of Energy sector, and what the obstacles and difficulties are. It is important that Turkey needs progress in the process of reformation that can be satisfied by using a functioning model in the field. Turkey has to apply the legislation of the European Union as an applicant country. Turkey needs a strategy for achieving...
Financial dollarization and currency substitution in Turkey
Başkurt, Özge; Özmen, Erdal; Department of Economics (2005)
This study aims to investigate currency substitution and financial dollarization in Turkey. The extend of dollarization in Turkey appears to be very high according to both the conventional currency substitution and the recently developed financial dollarization measures. This has serious policy implications as a source of financial fragility through currency/maturity mismatches and balance sheet effects. The empirical part of this study contained an investigation of the long run relationships between the va...
European identity : historical images and the EU initiatives
Yılmaztürk, Ali Emre; Yurdusev, Ahmet Nuri; Department of European Studies (2005)
This thesis aims to describe and analyze the historical images of European identity and the contemporary initiatives of the European Union to promote it. By analyzing the common cultural elements that European identity consists of, namely Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Christianity, Renaissance, Reformations, Enlightenment, French Revolution, and Modernity in terms of the images of European identity, the limits of these common cultural elements and how much they have contributed to the creation of a European...
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E. Buzlupınar, “Financial market integration in the EU and probable effects on Turkish stock market,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.