Wind and wind wave climate for Turkish coast and application to Aegean and Mediterrenean sea

Aldoğan, Serhan
The wind waves have significant effects on small craft and fisheries. Therefore, wind wave climate has an important role in the design and operation of fishing harbors and harbors for small craft. The purpose of this study is to identify the wind wave climate along the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea coastline of Türkiye. For this purpose, wind wave data for a certain period is obtained from ECMWF for the analysis. Moreover, the data will be analyzed for locations selected along the Turkish coast using a special software developed for this thesis study. For every location, the wind wave roses, significant wind wave height versus mean period of primary wind relations, extreme probability distribution, and log-linear cumulative probability distributions will be presented. By the help of software developed, it will be possible to analyse any coordinate using ECMWF data.