Wind and wave climate in Eastern Mediterranean basin

Kışlakcı, Ahmet Umud
The wind and wave (wind wave/swell wave) climate has an important role in the design and operation of coastal and marine structures, harbors and ports. The objective of this study is to identify the statistical characteristics of the winds, wind waves and swell waves in Eastern Mediterranean, and coastline of Türkiye. For this purpose, the data of wind speed and direction, swell and wind wave height, period and direction for a certain duration with the six hours time intervals are obtained from ECMWF for the wind and wave climate computations. The data covers the area of eastern Mediterranean region. In order to compute the wind and wave climate at any selected coastal location, a software is developed by Serhan Aldoğan in his MSc thesis. For every location, the wind wave roses, significant height of wind wave and swell wave versus mean period of primary wind directions, extreme probability analysis and distribution, and log-linear cumulative probability analysis and distributions is presented, compared and discussed. By the help of the specifically developed software, it is possible and convenient to analyze the wind and wave climate using ECMWF data at any coordinate.
Citation Formats
A. U. Kışlakcı, “Wind and wave climate in Eastern Mediterranean basin,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.