On the generalizations and properties of Abramovich-Wickstead spaces

Polat, Faruk
In this thesis, we study two problems. The first problem is to introduce the general version of Abramovich-Wickstead type spaces and investigate its order properties. In particular, we study the ideals, order bounded sets, disjointness properties, Dedekind completion and the norm properties of this Riesz space. We also define a new concrete example of Riesz space-valued uniformly continuous functions, denoted by CDr0 which generalizes the original Abramovich-Wickstead space. It is also shown that similar spaces CD0 and CDw introduced earlier by Alpay and Ercan are decomposable lattice-normed spaces. The second problem is related to analytic representations of different classes of dominated operators on these spaces. Our main representation theorems say that regular linear operators on CDr0 or linear dominated operators on CD0 may be represented as the sum of integration with respect to operator-valued measure and summation operation. In the case when the operator is order continuous or bo-continuous, then these representations reduce to discrete parts.


On asymptotic properties of positive operators on Banach lattices
Binhadjah, Ali; Alpay, Şafak; Department of Mathematics (2006)
In this thesis, we study two problems. The first one is the renorming problem in Banach lattices. We state the problem and give some known results related to it. Then we pass to construct a positive doubly power bounded operator with a nonpositive inverse on an infinite dimensional AL-space which generalizes the result of [10]. The second problem is related to the mean ergodicity of positive operators on KBspaces. We prove that any positive power bounded operator T in a KB-space E which satisfies lim n!1 di...
On the Krall-type polynomials on q-quadratic lattices
Alvarez-Nodarse, R.; Adiguzel, R. Sevinik (Elsevier BV, 2011-08-01)
In this paper, we study the Krall-type polynomials on non-uniform lattices. For these polynomials the second order linear difference equation, q-basic series representation and three-term recurrence relations are obtained. In particular, the q-Racah-Krall polynomials obtained via the addition of two mass points to the weight function of the non-standard q-Racah polynomials at the ends of the interval of orthogonality are considered in detail. Some important limit cases are also discussed. (C) 2011 Royal Net...
Nonoscillation and asymptotic behaviour for third order nonlinear differential eruptions
Tiryaki, Aydın; Celebi, AO (Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences, 1998-01-01)
In this paper we consider the equation
On the problem of lifting fibrations on algebraic surfaces
Kaya, Celalettin; Önsiper, Mustafa Hurşit; Department of Mathematics (2010)
In this thesis, we first summarize the known results about lifting algebraic surfaces in characteristic p > 0 to characteristic zero, and then we study lifting fibrations on these surfaces to characteristic zero. We prove that fibrations on ruled surfaces, the natural fibration on Enriques surfaces of classical type, the induced fibration on K3-surfaces covering these types of Enriques surfaces, and fibrations on certain hyperelliptic and quasi-hyperelliptic surfaces lift. We also obtain some fragmentary re...
Model theory of derivation spaces
Kasal, Özcan; Pierce, David; Department of Mathematics (2010)
In this thesis, the notion of the derivation spaces is introduced. In a suitable two-sorted language, the first order theory of these structures is studied. In particular, it is shown that the theory is not companionable. In the last section, the language is expanded by predicate symbols for a dependence relation. In this language it is shown that the extension of the corresponding theory has a model companion. It is shown that the model companion is a complete, unstable theory which does not eliminate quan...
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F. Polat, “On the generalizations and properties of Abramovich-Wickstead spaces,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2008.