Estimation of water alternating gas (wag) injection performance of an offshore field (azeri field,azerbaijan) using a sector simulation model

Babayev, Farid
The WAG injection project feasibility of South Flank of Central Azeri field on the basis of simulation model was studied in this thesis work. The 58 sensitivity scenarios were considered to evaluate and analyze the behavior of WAG in this field. Scenarios are based on the important WAG parameters, such as half slug size volume, cycles, WAG ratio, start time, bottomhole injection pressure etc. The Base Case is set with static and dynamic characteristic close to real field. From the scenarios calculated, the Best (Scenario 53, 9.3% incremental oil) and the Worst (Scenario 52, 3.4% incremental oil) cases were analyzed to get general view of WAG in terms of profitability in comparison to the Base Case. For more profound conviction of feasibility of the WAG project, additional cases with Simultaneous WAG injection and cases with changed permeabilities have been considered. The Best case was re-evaluated under application of Carlson’s relative permeability hysteresis model. All results eventually were analyzed in terms of economical profitability net present value (NPV). Economical analysis of scenarios is provided at the end of the work.


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F. Babayev, “Estimation of water alternating gas (wag) injection performance of an offshore field (azeri field,azerbaijan) using a sector simulation model,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.