Creation of the commercial node : Söğütözü, Ankara

Barbaros, Yavuz Selim
The aim of the study is to discuss and determine the property relations, development patterns and major agents at Sögütözü region in Ankara, where is claimed to be new central business node, developing with ultimate architectural, constructional efforts and highly sophisticated land speculations. Rapid transformation in characteristic of Sögütözü region from agricultural use to commercial uses at twenty years does not only display contemporary space creation efforts, but also shows tendencies of private entrepreneurs in Ankara. Increasing commercial activities on the land and introduce of new modes of interaction patterns, which are related with the rise of private property in neo-liberal era after 1980, also brings out changing protocols on property ownership patterns. In this context, Sögütözü case is related with discourses about repositioning of private initiatives on urban issues. However this becomes critical, when reconsidering, the capital city was designed to be modern cradle of republic by the public comprehensive planning initiatives. The current situation at the region is bringing new sets of confronting concepts between comprehensive planning approaches and property capital̕s space creation methods. Figuring out basics of space creation agencies and achieving appropriate design guidelines at Sögütözü may not only provide efficient well-growth of the specific sector of the city, but also bring out alternative solutions to achieve urban compromise in Ankara. For that reason, determinations on property formation, physical developments at Sögütözü should be studied in historical context.


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Yüzer, Canse (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2021-6-30)
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Y. S. Barbaros, “ Creation of the commercial node : Söğütözü, Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.