Faculty visions of internationalization in higher education and realities

Akar, Hanife
Gülmez Dağ, Gülçin
Internationalization in higher education is a growing trend in the United States. We reached school administrators and faculty to understand their visions of internationalization as the objective of this study and tried to explore what happens in their daily practices in their courses to meet the challenge through a qualitative study in the Northeast. We found that visions of faculty members and administrators are in line in that they describe internationalization more from an activity approach and competency approach. The participants reveal different approaches to how their deal with instructional issues to develop an international-friendly learning environment.


Institutional attitudes towards research-related academic integrity in recently internationalizing higher education institutions: A comparative analysis of Chinese and Turkish HEIs
Emil, Serap (IGI Global, 2019-01-01)
Higher education systems throughout the world are mostly based on the institutions and values of the Western education system. World university ranking systems, quality assurance mechanisms, assessment frameworks, promotion, and evaluation systems are universalized. Many universities in developing countries have now joined these ranking systems and introduced vigorous faculty promotion criteria to create world-class universities. Research reveals that those who publish in predatory journals are mostly young...
Intercultural engagement and relatedness: Examining mediation effects
Kagitcibasi, Cigdem; Kisbu-Sakarya, Yasemin; Aydoğdu, Ezgi (2017-11-01)
Most research on student sojourners has studied students coming from the Majority World to Western countries, especially the United States, for undergraduate and graduate education. Though increasing greatly in numbers, shorter sojourn has not been the focus of attention. With regard to the adjustment of sojourners, research has tended to stress situational factors rather than personality. This study is different in terms of focusing on short term educational sojourn of Western students in a Majority World ...
Akbulut, Orhun; Dayıoğlu Tayfur, Meltem; Department of Economics (2021-6)
It is viewed that high dropout rates in high school in the US is still a relevant and persistent problem. Apart from the individual reasons, school-related factors also contribute to the decision of dropping out. School choice mechanisms, the algorithms through which students are placed into high schools, might also be relevant for the decision to drop out due to the importance of placing the right students into right schools. To this end, I study the school related factors influencing the dropout rates of ...
Neoliberal common sense and short-term study abroad: A critical qualitative inquiry into prospective English language teachers’ discourses and experiences
Çiftçi, Emrullah Yasin; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel; Department of English Language Teaching (2022-9)
In line with neoliberal discourses, most higher education students tend to participate in short-term study abroad (STSA) programs to enrich their CVs, acquire marketable skills, and have fun. On the other hand, STSA programs, such as Erasmus+, can also provide higher education students with novel challenges, triggering them to reflect on issues of power and inequalities. Therefore, these programs can be a valuable experiential and transformative opportunity to prepare prospective English language teachers (...
Technology adoption of medical faculty in teaching: Differentiating factors in adopter categories
ZAYIM, Nese; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner; SAKA, Osman (2006-01-01)
Despite large investments by higher education institutions in technology for faculty and student use, instructional technology is not being integrated into instruction in higher education institutions including medical education institutions. While the diffusion of instructional technologies has reached a saturation point among early adopters of technology, it has remained limited among the mainstream faculty. This investigation explores instructional technology usage patterns and the characteristics of med...
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