Analysis and design for aluminum forging process

Öztürk, Hüseyin
Aluminum forging products has been increasingly used in automotive and aerospace industry due to their lightness and strength. In this study, aluminum forging processes of a particular industrial part for the two different alloys (Al 7075 and Al 6061) have been analyzed. The forging part, forging process and the required dies have been designed according to the aluminum forging design parameters. The proposed process has been simulated by using the Finite Volume Method. In the simulations, analysis of the part during forging process has been performed; and the required forging force, the temperature distribution and the effective stress distribution in the parts have been obtained. The forging dies were produced in the METU-BILTIR Center CAD/CAM Laboratory. The experimental study has been performed in the METU-BILTIR Center Forging Research and Application Laboratory. The parts were produced without any defects as obtained in the finite volume simulations. The results of the experiment and finite volume simulation are compared and it has been observed good agreement.
Citation Formats
H. Öztürk, “Analysis and design for aluminum forging process,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.