Imagining and positioning gypsiness a case study of Gypsy/Roman Izmir, Tepecik

Eren, Zeynep Ceren
In this study, the particular identification process of Gypsiness is discussed on the basis of socio-economic conditions. Certain occupations, i.e. scrap-dealing, belly-dancing and musicianship are selected in the case of Gypsy/Roma community from Tepecik, Izmir as key markers of identity. Whether there is an organic relation between the long lasting occupational positions of Gypsy/Roma and their self-identity perception and if so, how it is perceived by each occupational category is considered as significant in the analysis of Gypsiness and its diverse interpretations. In addition to the discussion of identity with references to certain socio-economic conditions, cultural and social codes significant in identification are discussed. Particular perceptions towards the Kurdish group, the Gorgio group, as well as the "Gypsy" group are also considered as key markers in identity formation process of Gypsy/Roma. In this context, a field study is conducted in Tepecik, Tenekeli neighborhood using in-depth interviews.


Media portrayal of labor movements : a case study on the press coverage of Seydişehir eti aluminum privatization
Ertürk, Burcu; Çakmur, Barış; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2008)
This thesis analyzes media coverage of the labor movements by taking main underlying dynamics into the attention, in which the neo-liberal policy implementations ideologically contradict with the will of the workers. The media representation of working class will be evaluated on the base of the most striking contradictory area, privatization. The study will generally discuss the main dynamics before going through the news analyses of four national and nine local newspapers. This news of national and local m...
Preservice Science Teachers' Informal Reasoning about Socioscientific Issues: The influence of issue context
TOPÇU, MUSTAFA SAMİ; Sadler, Troy D.; Yılmaz Tüzün, Özgül (2010-01-01)
The purpose of the current study is to explicitly test the extent to which issue contexts affect the informal reasoning processes engaged in by individuals. In order to address the research question framing this study, we engaged 39 Turkish preservice science teachers (PSTs) in interviews designed to elicit argumentation related to multiple socioscientific scenarios. Three scenarios related to gene therapy, another three related to human cloning, and the final scenario related to global warming. The data we...
Experiencing class differences
Koptekin, Derya; Erdoğan, Necmi; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2010)
This thesis aims to examine the class experiences of workers who work in food retail stores in Ankara. In this respect, it focuses on the structure of food retailing as interactive service work, working conditions of workers, stratification, fragmentation and unionization of workers in stores. In addition, it examines how workers experience class as a matter of self-esteem in their workplaces, how they cope with discourtesy of costumers, how they classify costumers and whether they develop a sense of depriv...
Multimodel inference for biomarker development: an application to schizophrenia
Cooper, Jason D.; Han, Sung Yeon Sarah; Tomasik, Jakub; Özcan Kabasakal, Süreyya; Rustogi, Nitin; van Beveren, Nico J. M.; Leweke, F. Markus; Bahn, Sabine (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-02-11)
In the present study, to improve the predictive performance of a model and its reproducibility when applied to an independent data set, we investigated the use of multimodel inference to predict the probability of having a complex psychiatric disorder. We formed training and test sets using proteomic data (147 peptides from 77 proteins) from two-independent collections of first-onset drug-naive schizophrenia patients and controls. A set of prediction models was produced by applying lasso regression with rep...
Exploring middle school students’ systems literacy within the context of water system
Demirci, Sinem; Şahin, Elvan; Department of Elementary Education (2021-1-31)
The purposes of this study are determined as to (1) provide a conceptual model for the description of ‘systems literacy’; (2) propose an alternative framework for the elements of systems literacy in water system context; (3) explore possible factors that might interfere with systems literacy in water system context; and (4) determine readiness of children completing middle school degree in terms of systems literacy in water system context. A research cycle was designed including both conceptual research and...
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Z. C. Eren, “Imagining and positioning gypsiness a case study of Gypsy/Roman Izmir, Tepecik,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.