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Investigation of consumer-based brand associations of Turkish soccer teams

Mumcu, Ceyda
Today, sport managers view their teams, leagues and properties as brands to be managed. Researchers revealed that positive brand image generates additional revenue, increased merchandise sales, national media exposure, corporate supports, and increased ticket sales (Gladden et al., 1998). Consequently, understanding consumers perspective and how to enhance stronger brand equity are important for Turkish soccer clubs. From this point; the purpose of this study was to examine consumers’ perception on brand associations and affects of some factors on brand equity of soccer teams. In order to measure the consumer-based brand associations of Turkish soccer teams, the Turkish version of Team Association Scale was distributed to 156 undergraduate university students at Middle East Technical University and Gazi University.Results of this study indicated that tradition, product, affect and coach and nostalgia were perceived as the most important factors associated to the brand image of soccer teams. The findings of this study also revealed that, while males, heavy users and merchandise buyers associate tradition, product features, affect and coach and nostalgia with their team’s brand, females, light users and fans who have not bought merchandise give more importance to star players in regards their contribution to brand image of soccer teams. Therefore, Turkish soccer teams should use marketing strategies to emphasize brand associations to create and enhance stronger brand equity and to gain additional revenues.