Marketing strategies: two case studies of Real Madrid football club and Fenerbahçe sports club

Altun Ekinci, Merve
Within their dominant positions, Real Madrid Football Club (CF) and Fenerbahçe Sports Club (SC) present valuable examples for understanding the underlying factors of how two clubs differently develop value creating strategies to gain asporting and commercial position in the competitive scope of the football business. This study intends to analyze and compare the marketing strategies of Real Madrid CF & Fenerbahçe SC within the scope of Dolles & Söderman (2013a)‘s network of value captures research framework in football business. The current study was based on case study, in which data were collected from the executives of top-management level of Real Madrid CF (n=8) and Fenerbahçe SC through semi-structured interviews during the season of 2014-2016. For data analysis, Atlas.ti V7.0 was used. Triangulation of researchers and multiple sources were used to increase the reliability and validity of the study. Real Madrid CF and Fenerbahçe SC generated variety of value captures divided into two dimensions; team sport and customer grous. It can be concluded that the network of value captures of both club gained an understanding of which marketing strategies currently being used by these clubs, what essential elements of these marketing strategies composed and how the clubs structured these strategies to provide a competitive advantage among other clubs


The differences of marketing strategies between real madrid football club and fenerbahçe sports club
Altun Ekici, Merve; Koçak, Mehmet Settar; Koca Arıtan, Canan; Garcia-manitz, Pablo; Luna-fernandez, Alvaro (2018-11-03)
Giriş ve Amaç Futbolun belirsiz, tutkulu ve ebedi rekabet yapısı düşünüldüğünde, bir kulübü rakiplerinden daha iyi ya da kötü yapan temel faktörler, futbol sektörünün rekabet ortamında, kulübün fark yaratacak stratejileri nasıl geliştirdiği ile ilgilidir. Son yıllarda, spor kulüplerinin rekabetçi bir avantaj elde edebilmek için, müşteri değeri yaratmalarını ve yakalamalarını sağlayan, doğru değer önermeleri içeren, tatminkar pazarlama stratejileri geliştirmeleri son derece önemli hale gelmiştir. Bu bağlamda...
Investigation of consumer-based brand associations of Turkish soccer teams
Mumcu, Ceyda; Koçak, Mehmet Settar; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2008)
Today, sport managers view their teams, leagues and properties as brands to be managed. Researchers revealed that positive brand image generates additional revenue, increased merchandise sales, national media exposure, corporate supports, and increased ticket sales (Gladden et al., 1998). Consequently, understanding consumers perspective and how to enhance stronger brand equity are important for Turkish soccer clubs. From this point; the purpose of this study was to examine consumers’ perception on brand as...
A Machine Learning Ensembling Approach to Predicting Transfer Values
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Predicting transfer values of association football players, despite its importance, has been studied in a limited way in the literature. The existing approaches have mainly focused on explanatory models that cannot be used in predicting future values. In this paper, we propose a method where we fuse in-game performance data, player popularity metrics from the web and actual transfer values. The method uses a model ensembling approach to capture diferent dynamics in transfer market. The proposed approach out...
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M. Altun Ekinci, “Marketing strategies: two case studies of Real Madrid football club and Fenerbahçe sports club,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.