Analysis of coining process in production of medallion

Akkuş, Derya
Coins and medallions are manufactured by using coining process which is a metal forming process. In coining of medallions, there is a strong need to shorten the production time and reduce the production cost and waste of material in conventional coining method. An alternative coining method may be considered in order to reduce the production time and the manufacturing cost. In this study, a new method has been proposed. In the proposed method, design of the medallion is performed by utilizing computer aided engineering (CAE) environment and the master die is manufactured by means of NC codes. The modular designs of blanking and coining die sets for medallions with a diameter in the range of 30-90 mm have been realized. Coining and blanking processes for production of the medallion have been simulated by using a commercial finite volume program. Moreover, a commemorative medallion for the opening ceremony of METU-BILTIR Center Forging Research and Application Laboratory has been designed. After die sets have been manufactured, the real-life experiments have been conducted by using 1000 tones mechanical forging press and 200 tones eccentric press available in Forging Research and Application Laboratory of the METU-BILTIR Center. The results have been compared with the computer simulations. After the real-life experiments, it has been observed that medallions have successfully been obtained by employing the new proposed method. Therefore, the new proposed method for coining has been verified.
Citation Formats
D. Akkuş, “Analysis of coining process in production of medallion,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.