Modelling and controller design of the gun and turret system for an aircraft

Mert, Ahmet
Gun and gun turret systems are the primary units of the weapon systems of an aircraft. They are required to hit targets accurately during operations. That is why a complete, high precision control of weapon systems is required. This function is provided by accurate modeling of the system and the design of a suitable controller. This study presents the modeling of and controller design for the gun and turret system for an aircraft. For the controller design purpose, first the mathematical model of the system is constructed. Then the controller is designed to position the turret system as the target comes into sight. The reference input to the controller will either be obtained from a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) unit or from a HCU (Hand Control Unit). The basic specification for the controller is to hold theerror signal within the 5.5° positioning envelope. This specification is satisfied by designing Linear Quadratic Gaussian and Internal Model Control type controllers. The performance of the overall system has been examined both by simulation studies and on the real physical system. Results have shown that the designed system is well over being sufficient.
Citation Formats
A. Mert, “Modelling and controller design of the gun and turret system for an aircraft,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.