Incipient motion of coarse solitary particles

Gülcü, Besim
In this study the incipient motion of coarse solitary particles having different specific weights and shapes was investigated. A tilting flume of rectangular cross-section having a net working length of 12 m was used through the experiments. The slope of the channel and the discharge in the channel are the two basic variable parameters that determine the initiation of motion. Particles made of cement and mixture of cement and iron dust in certain ratios were used in the experiments with an obstructing element of various heights right behind the particles. Dimensionless hydraulic parameters determined from theoretical analysis were related to each other. Velocity profiles over the flow depths were measured and flow conditions corresponding to critical conditions were evaluated in terms of critical velocities and shear velocities. The findings of this study were compared with the results of similar studies given in the literature.
Citation Formats
B. Gülcü, “Incipient motion of coarse solitary particles,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.