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A study on the effect of pipe - soil relative stiffness on the behaviour of buried flexible pipes

Bircan, Mehmet
In this study, the effect of pipe-soil relative stiffness on the behaviour of buried flexible pipes was investigated considering the pipe size, material type, stiffness, pipe-soil and natural soil-backfill interfaces and geometry of the trench using the finite element method. For this purpose, a parametric study was conducted to examine the effect of different variables on the resulting earth loads and deformations imposed on the buried pipes. Various types of trench pipe-soil cases were analysed for a certain natural ground and backfill material by the PLAXIS finite element code which allows simulating non-linear soil behaviour, the stages of construction as well as the pipe-soil interaction aspects of the problem. Loads and deformations obtained by the finite element method were compared with those calculated by the conventional approaches for different pipe-soil stiffness ratios. The finite element results obtained for the deformation of typically flexible Polyethylene pipes were then used to back-calculate the range of modulus of soil reaction, E', values for various pipe-soil relative stiffness and they were compared with the suggested value proposed by Howard (1977).