Cost anaysis of sediment removal techniques from reservoir

Aras, Tuçe
Siltation in reservoirs is becoming an important problem as the dams are getting older in the world. The general dam practice has been implemented in a sequence that; planning, design, construction, operation of dam until the accumulated sediment prevents its purpose function or functions. Unfortunately, effects of sedimentation and fate of the left over dams in the future are not figured. Indeed, these negative effects could be avoided, life of the reservoir can be prolonged and even the reservoir will last forever by minimizing the sedimentation. Therefore in this study, the methods that provide extension of reservoir life are discussed hydraulically, economically and applicability point of view. In addition, there is open source package program RESCON which examines and compares some sediment removal techniques economically and also hydraulically. RESCON is used in conjunction with several cases; namely Çubuk Dam-I, Borçka Dam and Muratlı Dam. Moreover, some sensitivity analyses are carried out in order to scrutiny of the program for Turkish economic conditions.
Citation Formats
T. Aras, “Cost anaysis of sediment removal techniques from reservoir,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.