Web based geographical information systems for Middle East Technical University campus

Türkmendağ, Gökçe
Middle East Technical University (METU) campus has such an extensive area that reaching the necessary information which affects campus life, such as the locations of the buildings, classrooms, computer labs, and etc. may be very difficult for anyone who does not know the campus well, and even for a student, personnel or a graduate who had a long time in the campus. An interactive campus map and a database structure related to this map which can be accessed by multiple types of users on the Internet can display this information with its geographical locations, and will reduce the "difficulty for reaching information" widely. For this purpose, data of METU were collected from various sources, edited, organized, and inserted into data tables. An interactive campus map displaying the locations of the physical structures and facilities in the campus was created in Scalable Vector Grapics (SVG) standard, and published on the Internet. By JavaScript functions, the map can be browsed with map navigation tools, including zoom in, zoom out, move and information buttons, and layers control. There is a search section on the user interface, which allows users make queries to find building and classroom names, and list the buildings and facilities according to their usage and category types. Data are stored in PostgreSQL database, transmitted through PHP scripts, and can be edited by authorized users through the specialized web interfaces. Lastly, web-based implementation of the application is entirely based on open-source standards.
Citation Formats
G. Türkmendağ, “Web based geographical information systems for Middle East Technical University campus,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.