How does blogging enhance pre-service english language teachers' reflectivity in practicum?

Korkmazgil, Sibel
This was a case study which aimed to examine how blogging enhanced reflection among pre-service English language teachers in Practicum. 12 pre-service English language teachers enrolled in the undergraduate program of English Teaching Education in the Department of Foreign Language Education at Middle East Technical University participated in the study which comprised a 12-week time span in the 2007-2008 spring term. Data collection consisted of archival records of participants’ blog posts and comments, pre- and post-study interviews with each pre-service teacher, and field notes taken by the researcher throughout the study. All the blog content was archived and available on the Internet throughout the study. Recurring patterns in pre-service English language teachers’ blog postings were used as a measure of their reflectivity. Earlier and later blog postings were compared to check evidence of change in the level of the pre-service teachers’ reflective thinking. Results indicated that: (1) the pre-service English language teachers frequently discussed their personal theories of teaching, the problems that they formulated based on their practicum observation, and topics related to their self-awareness in their blog postings; and (2) they were reflective in their blog postings, to a certain extent, although there were individual differences in the degree of reflectivity in the identified categories. In this respect, this blogging experience provided a different approach to develop reflectivity in Practicum. Therefore, this study may be an example to investigate the effectiveness of blogs in language teacher education, especially in a Turkish context where English is learned and taught as a foreign language.
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S. Korkmazgil, “How does blogging enhance pre-service english language teachers’ reflectivity in practicum?,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2009.