English language teachers’ perceptions about a web-based support system for an in-service teacher training program

Koç, Serdar Engin
The purpose of this study was to explore the perceptions of teacher trainers and trainees about a web-support system and its components developed and implemented as an integral part of the in-service teacher training program entitled “Certificate for Teaching English” (CTE) program for the newly hired teachers in the two departments of the School of Foreign Languages at Middle East Technical University (METU). The overall design of this study was a case study which was conducted as action research within the qualitative research paradigm. Some participants’ perceived the file system as usable, reachable, and beneficial because the file types used in the web-support were in congruence with the CTE program. Some participants had difficulty finding files that they were looking for. The participants were not able to use the forum frequently enough because they did not have enough time and they were always in contact with each other during their work hours. However, they suggested the usage of compulsory activities that are separated to be used within the forum. The participants perceived the online tasks as beneficial in terms of retention and revision of sessions and showing examples of how to use video in class. The participants thought that the presence of the curriculum information on the web was essential as information. The participants perceived that the integration of web support and sessions was partial and they wanted to do some sessions online in the future. The participants perceived news section as beneficial in directing them but they thought it should be updated more often.